Short stories tagged with Odd

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A man who unknowingly talks to himself wonders why a woman who is satisfied with her marriage is having an affair with him.

A young man who went broke moves back to Chicago and lives in his aunt's basement. Meanwhile, he becomes a roofer where he is exposed to a spectrum of poverty, racism, and power among his colleagues.

A man working at a communications community wants a new job. His coworker promises him one, so long as the man helps to hide human body parts.

A young girl goes through a door in her house and discovers a parallel universe — only in this world, her seemingly loving family have cruel intentions.

An innocent introductory French course called la Muerte teaches vocabulary, by describing a typical farm until the farmer disappears.

In a dystopian world, Ginny Sweethips' traveling roadshow profits off of sex, tacos, and drugs has a run-in with aggressive men who ask who for more than Ginny's affection.

A man, who gives his wife space by revisiting the seaside bed and breakfast from his childhood, becomes part of a murder investigation and is intrigued by a mysterious woman.

An eerie description of characteristic fairy tale elements and how they are embodied in characters.

In an American dystopia, a man who helps rescue and raise children who are born as predators is traveling with a predator child to Salt Lake City in hopes to provide him with a normal life.

A girl who returns home from boarding school finds a mysterious couple who is visiting her parents. The couple is leading the family to build a maze in the backyard.