Short stories tagged with Straightforward Plot

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A traveling salesman tells a story in an attempt to bore his kidnappers after he is beaten, robbed, and held hostage by two hitchhikers.

A man, who gives his wife space by revisiting the seaside bed and breakfast from his childhood, becomes part of a murder investigation and is intrigued by a mysterious woman.

A grown man remembers the summer of 1984 when a girl he had a crush on took him on a tour of her haunted house.

After doing a favor for Constance's Film Studies course, Madison realizes her ex-lover's true motives for bringing her to town were to help locate rare films in a run-down theatre which closed after its peculiar owner disappeared.

A teenage girl is the apprentice to a mysterious magician who fails to reveal the sinister lifeforce behind their magic.

After a dying mother instructs her children to find their distant aunt and new guardian, they must step outside the home they have always known and embark on a journey toward their new life.

A child with Nyctophobia wakes up in the middle of the night to find her nightlight missing and her surroundings undiscernible.