Short stories tagged with Teenage Angst

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Three boys rent a canoe in Iowa and spend the day riding down a river. As the long and strenuous journey stretches into the night, their friendship, trust, and determination are tested.

When a mortgage broker goes under in the 2008 housing crisis, he and his family move and attempt to start fresh, but he finds himself haunted by the past.

The lives of a teenage girl in an abusive relationship, an elderly mother looking to make amends, and an unfaithful wife converge on an unexpected evening.

A teenage girl is the apprentice to a mysterious magician who fails to reveal the sinister lifeforce behind their magic.

A failing friendship with another couple leads a community college teacher to leave the country.

A group of teens break into an abandoned haunted mansion on Halloween, and when the prank goes awry one member sacrifices herself to save the others.