Short stories published in 1937

Listing 30 stories.

When an ignorant farmer with a toothache seeks out the help of Paul Revere, he accidentally starts the American Revolution.

A New York bartender attempts to engage in a conversation about owning comets — as in, the ones in space —with his somewhat crazy customer.

A young woman watches jealously as her lover devotes more time and attention to his blind friend. As the friend drives a wedge between them, the woman feels helpless to stop him.

A man visits his girlfriend in the countryside and begins to realize that she loves someone else.

When a tragedy occurs at a construction site on Good Friday, the devout foreman's religion fails to save him or his men.

A young boy travels around his snow-covered Southern town to find a doctor for his heavily pregnant sister.

An unemployed husband learns of an affair between his wife and her boss. He writes an emotional letter to the boss that details the course of his failing marriage, and he pleads with the boss to not take his wife away from him.

A train conductor serves his community faithfully for fifty years and wins the hearts of the people along his track.

A seven-year-old is sent to their elderly grandmother’s rural farm to aid in the annual crop harvest, and together, young and old bear a lean winter while anticipating the return of an unruly uncle.