Short stories tagged with Hitchhiking

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A wealthy couple picks up an old man on a desert road, and they quickly become interested in his story about an untapped amethyst mine and its potential riches.

In 1950s Canada, two girls see each other for the last time on a bus ride home from college. Over the following summer vacation, their lives change irrevocably due to boyfriends and pregnancy scares.

A drug-addled hitchhiker takes a ride with a family. Their car gets in a collision, and the hitchhiker wanders around the scene, unwilling and unable to help.

After his uncle goes missing, a young Coeur d'Alene Native American convinces his mom to hold a funeral. He reflects on all the family members he has lost and on their proximity to violence inflicted by the US government that is often viewed as past.

After a man from New York meets a young woman from a Mexican family on a bus to L.A., the two travel across mid-20th century Southern California searching for work, food, and shelter while falling in love. As the travelers struggle to survive on their few remaining dollars, the man wonders how long this adventure can last.

A quasi-reformed stalker worries about the influence of his creepy behaviors on his son.

A hitchhiker has a near death experience with a ghost driving a car and begins to see that there is a string of similar accidents all across the globe.