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After years of running with dangerous crowds, a man gets his life together — but one night, driving home to his wife with his infant son in the backseat, the man encounters someone from his past to whom he owes money.

A wealthy couple picks up an old man on a desert road, and they quickly become interested in his story about an untapped amethyst mine and its potential riches.

While driving a heart transplant to a patient on the verge of death, a man reflects on his past and the importance of his work.

A high school cheerleader's uneventful life is shaken up when a crop duster—hired by her father to fly pesticides over his farm—comes to stay with them.

A college student is traumatized after accidentally killing a man with his car. His feelings become complicated after he talks to the man's daughter and learns about the victim's past.

A radio show in New York broadcasts an essay about a man who goes on a killing spree, but skirts the law because he is the nephew of a prominent judge.

An aspiring musician joins a Christian family band and has big dreams of making a debut album with them. But his sins inside their home threaten his musical aspirations with the group.

Following a messy breakup, an MIT graduate and a PhD student at Indiana University separately talk about the problems in their former relationship in two spliced-together conversations, exploring conflicts surrounding language, intimacy, commitment, and intellectualism.

A young girl feels under-appreciated and left out during a family trip to Italy when her older sister and their college-age babysitter engage in a romantic affair.

A Wyoming native unsuccessfully jumps between jobs over his lifetime to support his large family. Through bankruptcy and loss, he perseveres and continues to look forward to his next venture.