Short stories published in 1995

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A writer moves from Chicago to an Oregon beach town to improve her tempestuous relationship with her recovering addict boyfriend but finds their romance endangered more than ever — only this time, it's her fault.

When a village's beloved schoolteacher disappears just as mysteriously as she arrived an entire century earlier, the townspeople are left to contend with her legacy and lessons.

Josiah Cole writes fruitlessly to his John, entreating him to return from the fringe religious sect he has joined.

A young being describes coming of age on their planet. Though they spend most of their time without gender, when it comes time to get physically intimate, they meet at a kemmer-house for a short duration, as either female or male.

A 13-year old girl with an eating disorder is sent to live with her mother's distant relatives in the hopes of changing her behavior for the better.

While driving a heart transplant to a patient on the verge of death, a man reflects on his past and the importance of his work.

A man bonds with his friend's sister during the summer they spend together. He rides behind her on his bike while she runs, and carries a pistol to protect her from bears.

On a visit to his old family farm in the Great Plains, a man recalls his tumultuous relationship with his now-deceased brother. In the process, he must reckon with the continued influence of familial trauma and confront his own ambiguous role in his brother's death.

A five-year-old girl and her mother go into hiding with some less-than-savory friends at an upstate New York cabin. While there, the girl sees the ghosts of a past tragedy and, for the first time, confronts the insecurity and inexplicability of her own life.

In the midst of his divorce, Carter, a man who seemingly struggles with impotence, realizes that he has a tendency to get married to chronically unfaithful women