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In an alternate America where demon hunting is part of the gig industry, a freelance slayer confronts their biggest foe yet. Help from a local hunter coven might be useful, but will they pride their independence too much to accept?

A writer moves from Chicago to an Oregon beach town to improve her tempestuous relationship with her recovering addict boyfriend but finds their romance endangered more than ever — only this time, it's her fault.

In the Land of Witches, an enslaved girl learns the magic of Dream Science and liberates herself from her master. Her account of the town inspires a present-day researcher, trapped in her war-torn hometown, and a band of witches to pilgrimage to the site. An enslaved girl's fantastical account of the Land of Witches encourages a group of witches and a present-day researcher, marooned in her war-torn hometown, to locate the site through the magic of dreams.

On her drive to her hometown in Georgia, a medical student contemplates the recent death of her reckless friend and picks up a stranger with a cast on the side of the road.

A desperate spouse introduces her wife to a game about cat politics in hopes of helping her with her dementia. But when her wife turns out to be a prodigy at the game, she risks losing her forever to the fantastical gaming world.

When a precocious non-binary AI wakes up in an empty space station, they are forced to choose between destruction at the hands of prejudiced humans or a life in the great unknown. In making their decision, the AI learns about the multitudes of human existence through the musical recordings left behind by their dead creator.

A teenage girl is ensnared in a romantic relationship with her teacher at the same time her aunt's rapist, newly released, moves back into his house next to hers. When two teenage sisters discover a purse near the house of a recently released rapist, they begin to investigate their family's dark history of sexual assault, and a kindly English teacher turns out to more than he appears.

In the far future, a zealous scientist wanders the highlands of Venus alone, risking death at the hands of Cytherean tigers in order to discover the lost settlement that would vindicate her research and satisfy her jealousy for her "perfect" partner. What she discovers, however, fails to satisfy her. Tired of living in her famous partner's shadow, a zealous scientist in the far future embarks on a dangerous solo expedition through the highlands of Venus in order to discover the lost city of Ishtar. What she discovers, however, fails to satisfy her.

Can a husband tell that the creature in his bed is actually an alien Mushroom Queen and that his real wife is now a fungus-like entity spreading her mycelium across the states trying to get home? Probably not, but the family dog can. One minute she's dreaming about escaping from her loveless marriage, and the next, she's thrown underground by her mushroom doppelgänger, who is now sleeping with her husband. Can a husband detect that his wife has been replaced by the queen of mushrooms? Probably not, but her clever dog can.

The Thirteen Mercies were given to Moses to rid the world of sin. But in a dystopian world, a group of soldiers used the powers of the Reversed Thirteen Mercies to commit war crimes. Now, imprisoned on a hostile jungle island, they await their judgement. The Thirteen Mercies, granted to mankind by God, promises to rid the humanity of sin. But in a dystopian world, a group of soldiers are imprisoned on a jungle island for using defiled spells of the Reversed Thirteen Mercies to commit war crimes.