Short stories tagged with Biology

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When a pair of scientists studying the Badlands observe strange behavior in nearby animals, they too begin to fall under an evil influence that turns them against each other.

In the near future, an investigative journalist interviews several key players in the rise of a genetic enhancement drug that has made predominantly white Americans Black.

In a dystopian universe where roaming brains must purchase their bodies, a solitary female brain is forced to make a choice about her dream of the perfect human body when the unexpected happens.

When a space exploration program costs five men their lives, the manager of the program decides to send himself and his dog to Jupiter to investigate the men’s disappearances and save Earth from an encroaching apocalypse.

When a sixty-nine-year old high school teacher's elm tree is infested with insects, the man does everything he can to save the tree, even going so low as to sabotage his neighbor.

When an LA advertising executive works on a campaign to make alien sex palatable to the human race, he unwillingly endangers the survival of the species.

An aeronautical engineer joins a poaching team in a universe called “Sky” and grows increasingly uncomfortable with the ways in which animals are being killed and the impact this is having on the environment.

Three astronauts on the spaceship Sunbird survive collision with a solar flare only to discover that they have been transported through time, and are being contacted by a space crew of some of the last humans on Earth.

In a universe where the poor remain on earth and the rich live in space, a poverty-stricken Black teenager with a life-threatening illness dreams of visiting the upper world and is offered a chance to do so through a high school science contest.

In 1975, a meteor shower brings hundreds of invasive alien plant species to Earth, who quickly take hold of local ecosystems. A scientist grows up and grows old amid the fallout.