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A desperate former arsonist attends a job fair where major American companies offer prisoners the chance to become public brand ambassadors.

When an LA advertising executive works on a campaign to make alien sex palatable to the human race, he unwillingly endangers the survival of the species.

After returning the I CAN SPEAK mask for babies, which plays and simulates sophisticated speech, a woman receives a lengthy letter from an overly-enthusiastic sales rep about the mask's ability to make babies more intelligent and loveable.

The characters in violent commercials realize they can resist their dark fates, and they rise up against the consumer establishment.

An aging ad executive reflects through the years in snapshot scenes about his ex-wives, a troubled friend, an awards ceremony, and an unlikely love story.

In the distant future, a war between humans and aliens occurs where only women may serve in the army. Concerned and suspicious about the lies she's being told, a mother yearns for her daughter to return.