Short stories published in 1984

Listing 27 stories.

A man and his girlfriend go to a cabin on the beach where a ship of Fae changes their fate.

A young woman's luck turns around as she takes time off to visit her sister in Alaska, while her elderly co-worker is haunted by her own age and recollections of her past.

A teenage Bangladeshi girl runs from the unwanted advances of a doctor, the shackles of her traumatic past, and the upcoming mysteries of her future. All the while, her comatose adopted sister fights for her life.

A mother constrained by the ceaseless demands of her husband and teenage daughter finds escape on the back of a majestic horse.

A spaceship and its crew crash land on a planet covered in sand. As two men wait for rescuers, they begin to realize that the dunes they stand on hide a tremendous secret.

Consumed in a disturbing relationship with an older woman, a girl from Ohio slips through the impoverished side of New York City in search of an experience that she thinks will make her a woman in what she knows is a man’s world.

Blood, sweat and bronco balls: a white East Coaster doesn’t know what life is like for Wyoming cowboys and part-Indians until he’s spent a day gelding. That’s castrating stallions, for all you white East Coasters.

An English professor in Georgia becomes obsessed with dogs after a Great Dane wanders into his classroom. Fueled by insomnia and an aneurysm, he embarks on journeys into the past and future in his own life and the lives of various dogs he has known.

When a sixty-nine-year old high school teacher's elm tree is infested with insects, the man does everything he can to save the tree, even going so low as to sabotage his neighbor.

A disaffected teenager skips school to mourn his dead dog and tries to puzzle out the missing variable in his life.