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A routine inspection for a Space Navy ship leads to confusion over a vague item. A hasty fix before a military inspection causes more stress than intended.

After her mother’s death, an imaginative 9-year-old girl bullied by kids at school and by her father, who has a new girlfriend, at home finds comfort only in her dog.

When a Master's student in anthropology researches the Highlands of Scotland with his hunting dog by his side, he encounters an elderly couple who teach him about the local culture and traditions.

When a space exploration program costs five men their lives, the manager of the program decides to send himself and his dog to Jupiter to investigate the men’s disappearances and save Earth from an encroaching apocalypse.

An English professor in Georgia becomes obsessed with dogs after a Great Dane wanders into his classroom. Fueled by insomnia and an aneurysm, he embarks on journeys into the past and future in his own life and the lives of various dogs he has known.

A man fishing on a bridge speaks to a farmer who is waiting by the road to see his wife and the man his wife left him for drive by. When the two arrive, the man abandons the wife and so does the farmer, leaving the fisherman to comfort her.

A Russian, fifty-two-year-old cancer survivor living in New York struggles to come to terms with the fact that his dog—which had been left behind by his ex-girlfriend—might be dying.

A 19-year-old prostitute in contemporary New York City uses her client's sadness as an excuse to have a threesome with her attractive coworker.

A disaffected teenager skips school to mourn his dead dog and tries to puzzle out the missing variable in his life.

Molly and her friend, Sandy, spend a tense getaway weekend together in Northern California, where they encounter a stray dog which haunts Molly afterward.