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An old sailor is tricked by his friend’s brother into sailing with his old crew into a bad storm. When he returns to the port, he plans his revenge but has a surprising change of heart in light of a friend's good news.

A twentieth-century ranch caretaker in Montana finds his peace of mind disrupted when the ranch is sold to a corpulent gay Wall Street banker.

A low-income Hispanic fisherman struggling to support his ill wife risks his career and legal autonomy when he agrees to go on a fishing trip with a careless co-worker who is storing a large sum of money near the fisherman's property.

A man fishing on a bridge speaks to a farmer who is waiting by the road to see his wife and the man his wife left him for drive by. When the two arrive, the man abandons the wife and so does the farmer, leaving the fisherman to comfort her.

After her husband disappears in the Laotian Civil War, a young mother decides to raise her daughter in Laos against the wishes of her America-bound family.

After ten years a man returns to the shore where he encounters a mysterious woman and becomes intertwined in a web of memories, family tension, and unexplainable occurences.

When a graduate student makes his way to Colorado with his recently unemployed girlfriend to visit his married friends, an alarming development in his friends’ marriage causes him to reevaluate his own relationship and, in the process, make a grave mistake.

After he spots a giant catfish in a river in the southern United States, a farmer dedicates ten years of his life to catching it, and leaves his wife to tend the farm.

In a Georgia stream, a determined fisherman sets out to catch his dream fish, a rainbow trout.

A teenage boy in the throes of sulky, rebellious adolescence begins stealing a farmer's cannabis plants for quick cash—until his choices come back to bite him.