Short stories tagged with Job

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A Japanese businessman reflects on his experience with Chinese people and longs to visit China.

An old sailor is tricked by his friend’s brother into sailing with his old crew into a bad storm. When he returns to the port, he plans his revenge but has a surprising change of heart in light of a friend's good news.

A country girl goes to the city to find work. However, the work is not what she expected.

A tired mother works to maintain her family life while dealing with her spiteful husband who just got fired from his job and is willing to go on strike to get his position back.

A woman remembers how she met her unusual husband in a ski lodge and the series of events that led them to their current home in the South Pole.

A man during the Great Depression gets a job. However, he is wracked with guilt as he watches other people less fortunate than him.

A local sailor in Venice is upset by the irreverence exhibited by tourists—and it gets him into immense danger.

A New Yorker attends a meeting for unemployed workers and the sleazy speakers leave him skeptical about his job prospects.