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Stuck in a loveless marriage for over forty years, a retired couple moves into a senior living apartment with the renewed promise to work on their marriage. When the opposite turns out to be true, the elderly husband attempts to find new love with a much younger woman who isn't what she seems.

When faced with cultural appropriation and police brutality, two Black women in different generations of the same family combine their ability to perform hoodoo with modern technology to remedy these abuses.

To earn enough money for college, a high school graduate takes a grueling factory job. He expects his only takeaway from the work to be a paycheck, but a mysterious coworker teaches him about the world and his place in it.

In a world populated by monsters of various shapes and sizes, a small monster escapes from its hungry parent only to be feasted upon by other predatory creatures. When the small monster meets a friend that teaches it about the transformative power of art, it gives the monster confidence to finally fight back.

In a world where death is a foreign past to the privileged people who live on their technologically-advanced home in space, the Satellite, a television representative travels to Earth to make a deal with a village chief who is dying from cancer. In exchange for broadcasting the immersive experience of the chief's death, the television representative will provide the chief with technology to help his village better survive in the ruined wasteland that the Earth has become.

An elderly widower falls prey to a targeted banking scam by a pair of English con artists.

Three girls in three different worlds, ranging from New York City to a fantasy kingdom, all grow diamonds in their bodies when they are sad, and each is exploited for this in a different way. As they grow older, this ability determines the shape and outcome of their lives.

When a sandwich shop owner hires a mysterious man whose talent is fixing almost anything, the fixer feels obligated to help every person in the town, no matter the problem.

An enslaved lunar miner journeys with his friends from the center of the moon to its surface, seeking the destruction of the oppressive city above and a glimpse of the void beyond the mines.

A tenant couple cares for a handful of quails, despite the concern that their landlords next door have for their garden. When winter comes, the quails have disappeared, leaving the couple to hope they will return in the spring.