Short stories tagged with Oppression

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In a dystopic universe where the aristocracy rules society, a banished tailor is given the opportunity to redeem herself by fashioning a coat from the sky for a nobleman. When the project reveals the dark history of the city's stratification, she is forced to make a choice between revolution and redemption.

In concentration camps of a distant past, a middle-aged mother seeks vengeance for her daughter's death with dark, heretical magic, despite her devout husband's disapproval. Ultimately, she sacrifices her life to save her soul and liberate her fellow prisoners.

In an alternative history of the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago, horrific events cause the United States system of government and society to become forever altered.

A high school girl raised to question history is disappointed by her crush, who has bought into the one-sided truths presented in school.

A pregnant woman and her husband try to escape slavery by hiding in her uncle’s pitch black, spooky mine.

In a dystopian society, a young widow is placed in a holding facility to spend her days learning home economics until she's chosen to be the wife of a new man.

A grad student helps two unlikely lovers connect in a future state of a damaged world.

In 1919, a young Indian woman and a handsome Irish soldier in a British uniform bond over their mutual love for poetry and their desire to be freed from British imperialism.

After losing her child at the hands of the Nigerian government, a mother attempts to seek asylum in America, where her husband has fled as a political refugee.

An enslaved lunar miner journeys with his friends from the center of the moon to its surface, seeking the destruction of the oppressive city above and a glimpse of the void beyond the mines.