Short stories tagged with Propaganda

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A high school girl raised to question history is disappointed by her crush, who has bought into the one-sided truths presented in school.

On a distant planet where the citizens are made of porcelain, a low-class woman makes the mistake of falling in love with a human tourist.

When the 1979 June 4th Revolution in Ghana spreads across the country, the people of a small town quickly change from hopeful to fearful as life becomes violent. To cope, they must turn to the most powerful presence in their lives.

A teenager in America during World War II grapples with his personal, hostile feelings toward the Japanese farmer who moves next door.

After his daughter is killed by diseased dogs, a father and his friend try to kill all the pets in the town to prevent the same tragedy from happening to someone else.

Some time in the distant future, a children's toy inspection agency reviews imported alien toys to make sure they are safe for "Terran" children to use. The inspectors play the three imported games and suspect nefarious intentions from the "Ganymedean" toy makers.