Short stories tagged with Colonialism

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A government official scorns a young man, a former student of his, by coming between him and the woman he is pursuing. The young man seeks revenge, but the corruption of his country's politics brings him face to face with violence as he tries to gain political power and romantic love.

During World War II in West Bengal, a Bengali grandmother and doll-crafter faces the atrocities of British colonial rule. Upon delivering a magical doll to the Governor of Kolkata, the grandmother seeks justice for these colonial cruelties and the death of her grandson.

In concentration camps of a distant past, a middle-aged mother seeks vengeance for her daughter's death with dark, heretical magic, despite her devout husband's disapproval. Ultimately, she sacrifices her life to save her soul and liberate her fellow prisoners.

After surviving an attack on his life, a Serengeti park ranger realizes that greedy poachers will stop at nothing to get their hands on the valuable horns of the endangered rhinoceros.

A high school girl raised to question history is disappointed by her crush, who has bought into the one-sided truths presented in school.

When he discovers gold near his village, an African man dissatisfied with his lot in life develops new obsessions, flouts old responsibilities, and ultimately loses more than he gains.

After his uncle goes missing, a young Coeur d'Alene Native American convinces his mom to hold a funeral. He reflects on all the family members he has lost and on their proximity to violence inflicted by the US government that is often viewed as past.

In the 19th century, a man convinces people that he is either a madman or an incarnation of God. As he oscillates from identity to identity, the people who know him vacillate between reverence and disgust.

The Chief of the Chickasaw tribe brings his nephew to the United States capitol to be judged by a reimagined Jacksonian era President after the mysterious death of a white man on Chickasaw property. The rest of his people follow to witness the trial, and the President quickly becomes overwhelmed and avoidant of the droves of indigenous peoples he looks down upon, and goes to great lengths to clear them from the capitol.

A South Asian woman harbors a deep fascination with the ocean. When she works with renegade scientists to track a blue whale, the woman and the whale form a deep bond.