Short stories tagged with Culture Shock

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The Chief of the Chickasaw tribe brings his nephew to the United States capitol to be judged by a reimagined Jacksonian era President after the mysterious death of a white man on Chickasaw property. The rest of his people follow to witness the trial, and the President quickly becomes overwhelmed and avoidant of the droves of indigenous peoples he looks down upon, and goes to great lengths to clear them from the capitol.

A girl and her human pack are sent by their werewolf parents to a school to learn to assimilate into human culture, but not all of them adopt the lifestyle.

On a business trip to Detroit, a naïve Swede catches feelings for a woman during a one-night stand, but her involvement with a cult prevents any potential future between them.

When a lesbian Cuban woman moves to the United States, she finds her hopes of romantic relationships, familial reconciliation, and prosperity threatened by an onslaught of mysterious medical concerns.

When a northern writer arrives in a rural Tennessee town to better understand the culture for his novel, he is put through a harrowing night by the menfolk who, in the course of an elaborate joke, convince him he has inadvertently killed the son of his hosts.