Short stories published in 1934

Listing 28 stories.

A veteran boxer fights the fatigue of age as he faces off with his rival in two career-defining matches.

A man looking for work on a lakeside town gets involved in the lives of a young couple who are in love, but the girls' parents do not approve of the relationship.

The first man to walk on Mars recounts a trip with a strange alien companion across the planet to his disbelieving crew.

An armless man begs on the streets of Madrid to earn money for his nagging wife. When he unexpectedly earns enough in a day to buy the shoes he's always wanted, his temptation and priorities are put to the test.

In the 1930s, a young American girl and an Englishwoman board a bus to Biarritz, France. On the trip, the woman attempts to indoctrinate the young girl about living a life of luxury.

A radio show in New York broadcasts an essay about a man who goes on a killing spree, but skirts the law because he is the nephew of a prominent judge.

A man goes to a farmhouse to meet with his young son and considers his relationship with the boy.

On a cold winter's day, a doctor travels to the home of a deathly sick man who claims that his illness is actually a curse his wife cast on him.

Tensions rise and fall as an elderly woman and her family await her grandson’s return from prison. A judgmental relative causes them to rally around the accused.

In the early twentieth century, a daughter of plantation owners enjoys playing with the daughter of her black nanny. When she is required to play with a white girl from another plantation, she struggles between keeping her original friendship and succumbing to the racist pressures of her society.