Short stories tagged with Drama

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Four girls go camping in the woods, where strange things start to happen. When one of the girls falls ill and another runs off into the woods, a third goes searching for help but encounters a disturbing supernatural creature.

A girl raised on a farm by a strict Christian mother decides to indulge in her curiously and approaches a young farmhand, despite her mother's warnings that all men are sinful.

A female novelist asks her friend for help with her story about a woman who has a reputation for her husbands dying during marriage. The friend offers a story idea that seems oddly similar to the author's life.

A seventeen-year-old boy who just got released from reform school tries to prove to everybody that he is a good person. However, he can't control his bad nature.

A quiet gardener and shopkeeper defies her town's cruel gossips to shelter a destitute young woman.

A poor factory worker is convinced by a former co-worker to join the army for better opportunities. The only issue is that his wife wouldn't approve.

Mourning her beloved father's death, a young girl takes a vow of silence to spite her cruel and adulterous mother. After her mother begins yet another affair, the girl comes up with a plan to expose her and do right by her father's memory.

After witnessing someone die, an egoistical man tries to live life more fully, only to be reminded by his sister that he hasn't really changed his selfish ways, and that everyone secretly dislikes him.

An oboist is told that he is only good for his playing. The oboist is determined to prove that he is also a talented composer as well.

A man fishing on a bridge speaks to a farmer who is waiting by the road to see his wife and the man his wife left him for drive by. When the two arrive, the man abandons the wife and so does the farmer, leaving the fisherman to comfort her.