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Four girls go camping in the woods, where strange things start to happen. When one of the girls falls ill and another runs off into the woods, a third goes searching for help but encounters a disturbing supernatural creature.

When his neighbor dies, a 12-year-old Black boy takes over her house, only to find himself at the center of a war between rival gangs and an uncontrollable hustle.

When a washed-up, middle-aged actor famous for portraying a vampire travels to Florida to proclaim his love to his co-star and best friend, he tells a story about a haunted bungalow that causes the horrible secrets of their past to resurface.

Two sisters trick audiences nationwide with fake ghosts and a blissful afterlife known as Summerland to hide the truth - they've seen the other side of death, and it's full of violent monsters waiting to escape.

A growing family moves into a new house in upstate New York, in order to escape the danger of the city. However, as they begin to settle into their new home, the family is torn apart by an infestation of rabies and curious hauntings.

When an alcoholic-turned-family man in modern-day Cleveland has sleeping problems due to his son’s night screaming, he is haunted by his other family that he left behind a decade prior. During a nightmare about his old family, he wakes up to an even more grim reality.

After getting hired by a family in the New England suburbs, a young nanny tells the children scary folktales. When the boy begins to have night terrors and the boy's father falls gravely ill, she suspects that it is more than mere ghost stories that haunt the family.

In the rural south, a sharecropper is terrorized by spirits after she and her family move into an abandoned plantation once inhabited by wealthy, classist elites.

A group of kids use an app to find ghosts around their town, which seems to reflect real people who have died. One of the boys develops special relationship with the app and mysteriously disappears.

A couple go to a small seaside town to get inspiration for the woman's photography, but they must face the ghost stories they've heard of the town.