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A woman has desired to become a nun since she was young, and nothing deters her until she must choose between her dream and the love of her life.

The impact of an absent father emerges in the gruesome stories of a young daughter as her alcoholic mother listens and reflects on the struggles of raising her alone.

As he reflects on a murder perpetrated by his father, a college professor considers the history of his family and how race and violence intersect.

As part of his sentence, a young man attends a declining Mission in Rhodesia and falls for a girl who has been ostracized by her community due to her father’s profession as a cremator.

A man walks with a writer around London who tells him about the novel he wrote that was lost which can never be matched in beauty by any other.

A group of kids use an app to find ghosts around their town, which seems to reflect real people who have died. One of the boys develops special relationship with the app and mysteriously disappears.