Short stories tagged with Racial Violence

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An African-American doctor has successfully developed a new technology to cure several diseases and cancers, but in the face of a recent health crisis, others are finding more risky solutions that put the doctor and entire racial groups in grave danger. When the doctor is soon attacked and abducted, a stranger embarks on a dangerous mission to save her.

A schoolteacher at a newly desegregated Southern school agonizes over whether to turn a Black student in for the murder of a white boy in an alley fight, in order to prevent a white mob from murdering the student's friends and family. The Black student explains he didn't commit the murder and only acted in self-defense, but he insists on turning himself in to protect his neighborhood.

An ex-convict is hard-pressed to stay out of trouble when he learns of a plan to rob the jewelry store where he works as a security guard.

In the early-twentieth-century South, a black teenager discovers she has a magical power. But when race and gender-related violence violate her existence, she must decide whether to use her power to protect the people she loves or to harm the people who hate.

As he reflects on a murder perpetrated by his father, a college professor considers the history of his family and how race and violence intersect.

At the height of Jim Crow, a white American boy watches a baseball game that pits their town's Black and white residents against one another. When the white side begins to inflict harm on the Black team in order to win, the boy witnesses the violent reality of racism for the first time.

To help her family survive, a little girl makes a deal with the Devil that allows her to tap into old African magic.