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A boy runs away from an abusive household and a magical figure from a cautionary tale: the Fool-Killer. Fear of the Fool-Killer shapes his whole life as he tries his best to live honestly and un-foolishly.

To help her family survive, a little girl makes a deal with the Devil that allows her to tap into old African magic.

When a young Black woman shows up at her crazy dead aunt's apartment in New York City with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, she finds none of the money she'd been hoping to inherit. Instead, in a hidden treasure chest, they discover a dead body, a shotgun, and a machete, sealed with a tempting offer from the Devil. The couple takes the deal and, hungry for blood, sets off to wreak havoc on the blue suits that have violently policed their communities for so long.

A two-bit magician seduces a mother who has recently lost her young son in a motorcycle incident. Later, he finds himself back at the gravesite and uses the little magic he actually has inherited from his truly magical father to bring her son back to life.