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After 300,000 teens and young adults commit mass suicide, a student pursuing their PhD investigates what caused the Year of Suicide, forcing them to relive their trauma and navigate the process of healing from so much death.

A woman tries to convince her husband to quit his exhausting job as a traveling salesman. She reflects on the impossibility of having everything that she wants.

In a futuristic world, a disgruntled person dying from a flesh-eating sickness has to rely on their robot to eat their diseased flesh. However, as the robot begins to act sentient and take on their appearance, the person fears the robot has other intentions.

In a dystopian future dominated by technology, a man is ejected from his orgynism—a mass of sedated human bodies connected for their own sexual pleasure. Without that blissful oblivion, the man is left to wander what is left of his city.

In a post-apocalyptic near future, a scientist and a young boy find strange creatures among Earth's growing piles of garbage. Eventually, most of the earth's garbage morphs into these monsters and humans must learn to co-exist with them.

A man explores the ruins of an abandoned city, but realizes he's not alone as he descends into the basement of a forgotten house.

A two-bit magician seduces a mother who has recently lost her young son in a motorcycle incident. Later, he finds himself back at the gravesite and uses the little magic he actually has inherited from his truly magical father to bring her son back to life.