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Mrs. Berthelson is the only human that can travel through time, so she journeys to a post-apocalyptic Earth where she tries to sell life-saving supplies to the last surviving humans as they are about to escape the planet.

In a future decimated by rising tides and extreme weather, the people of Earth have been displaced from their land and look to the sea to establish new civilizations. In order to survey the ocean and explore its resources, the U.S. Navy enlists an all-female cohort of “military mermaids,” whose human limbs and organs are genetically modified into fins and gills.

On a ship journeying from earth to a post-apocalyptic world, a young mother gives birth to a daughter with white fur. The mother, who's been having strange dreams about a bear prince, wonders if her child's unique appearance is related to these visions.

A young woman prepares in case there is a natural disaster, unaware that wildfires, earthquakes, and stormy politics have already begun — and will continue — to complicate her relationship with her boyfriend.

A teenage girl living on a sparse, secluded island with her siblings and father after their home was destroyed and her mother killed in a growing civil war, grows concerned about her father's erratic behavior. The girl and her siblings realize that their father's account of history may be totally wrong.

An aging Caucasian ex-military pilot-turned-farmer and his wife struggle to maintain control of two newly acquired buffalo, while wildfires and drought blacken the sky and the farmer's sister becomes increasingly subsumed by doomsday cultism. cults build shelters to prepare for nuclear destruction. Set in the present day.

In a dystopian future dominated by technology, a man is ejected from his orgynism—a mass of sedated human bodies connected for their own sexual pleasure. Without that blissful oblivion, the man is left to wander what is left of his city.

In a post-apocalyptic near future, a scientist and a young boy find strange creatures among Earth's growing piles of garbage. Eventually, most of the earth's garbage morphs into these monsters and humans must learn to co-exist with them.

After a disaster wipes out most of the food supply, a young woman struggles to find hope and love in her new basecamp.