Short stories tagged with Climate Change

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In a flood-ravaged world, a haughty man turns away beggars who, unlike him, failed to stock up before the dystopia, unless one man makes a request he’d never heard before: whiskey, please.

A young woman living in California in the near future reflects on the disasters that have destroyed most of the world around her. She finds comfort amidst the chaos through special abilities that she inherited from her ancestors.

In a near-future United States where temperatures have reached 120 degrees Fahrenheit and wildfires burn with a vengeance, a teenage girl from Arizona anxiously awaits her construction worker's father's return from his workplace.

A man and his elderly, mentally-ill mother battle for control of their home's thermostat in a future climate of extremely high temperatures year-round.

A young Caribbean merwoman decides to bring her friends to explore living on land, but the trip puts them in horrible danger. Upon returning underwater, she must face the consequences of putting her entire community at risk.

In a future decimated by rising tides and extreme weather, the people of Earth have been displaced from their land and look to the sea to establish new civilizations. In order to survey the ocean and explore its resources, the U.S. Navy enlists an all-female cohort of “military mermaids,” whose human limbs and organs are genetically modified into fins and gills.

A solitary man living in rural North Carolina is invited to an upscale environmental conference by a mysterious wealthy business man who wants to use him to promote his greedy agenda.

An aeronautical engineer joins a poaching team in a universe called “Sky” and grows increasingly uncomfortable with the ways in which animals are being killed and the impact this is having on the environment.

A woman on a space mission to help save the planet sends audio messages to her brother back on Earth. The last message contains gut-wrenching confessions, and reveals that her brother is the reason she is on the mission at all.

In a rural American town of the near future, a young orphan learns from her strong grandmother how to survive in an apocalyptic world of disease and climate change.