Short stories tagged with Manipulation

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A teenage girl’s sixteenth birthday takes a deadly turn when vampires come out of hiding and take over New York City. As she navigates through the destroyed city, she risks her life to get to the home of her best friend and unrequited love.

In a future decimated by rising tides and extreme weather, the people of Earth have been displaced from their land and look to the sea to establish new civilizations. In order to survey the ocean and explore its resources, the U.S. Navy enlists an all-female cohort of “military mermaids,” whose human limbs and organs are genetically modified into fins and gills.

A man burdened to live in the past due to his memory condition seeks to avenge his wife by killing her murderer.

A man, suffering from short-term memory loss, uses notes and tattoos to hunt down his wife's killer, while grappling the reliability of his own mind.

A businessman receives a note from his wife’s father, asking for them to meet. Against the wishes of his daughter, the father agrees to give the businessman’s children a trust for $70,000.

When a sober woman in her thirties meets a strange man involved in high-profile drug deals, she is horrified to learn that he has followed her for weeks. Eventually, the woman goes against her better judgement and begins to date him after he promises her a life of luxury and comfort.

A man tells the story of a great chieftain’s death in his efforts to find a worthy heir for his position.

A group of cult horror film-loving friends research the mystery of a famous director's incomplete film. Hoping to uncover more of the plot, they instead learn of its brutal filmmaking process that irreversibly damaged an actress for life.

A man in charge of the instructors who teach English is proud of his college's football team. However, when one of the football players can't play because of a failing grade in an English class, the man tries to convince the professor to change the footballer's grade.

In pre-WWII Paris, a mixed-race, lesbian girl works for room and board in a grotesque theater following her single mother's death. The lead actress, a sexually-submissive woman with an abusive boyfriend, takes her under her wing; however, she proves emotionally manipulative as the girl falls in love with her.