Short stories tagged with Near Death Experience

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In Dubai, a Bangladeshi construction worker with an exploitative and abusive boss reevaluates his life choices after a brush with death on the job site.

A young white girl backpacking through Kenya imposes upon a couple she tangentially knows and has a life-changing near-death experience.

When his beloved pet rabbit — who has seen his now-scattered family through hard times — is near-fatally injured, a man reflects on his life.

A bus driver drives an odd collection of people through a sleet storm and considers the real value of his profession as they face a dangerous road.

A scientist collecting samples on Titan finds the expedition to be beyond her wildest dreams—and her darkest nightmares—when she connects with disembodied alien life. Their strange communications take on new urgency when both their lives are at risk.

When an alcoholic-turned-family man in modern-day Cleveland has sleeping problems due to his son’s night screaming, he is haunted by his other family that he left behind a decade prior. During a nightmare about his old family, he wakes up to an even more grim reality.

A man tells the story of a great chieftain’s death in his efforts to find a worthy heir for his position.

On his sixty-sixth birthday, a cranky hypochondriac widower orders a pizza to his Florida condo. Instead, he gets a prostitute — and a heart attack.

A newly out and divorced father navigates his familial and sexual relationships while longing for some further purpose in life.