Short stories tagged with Heart Attack

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An overweight journalist navigates a strange friendship with a legendary writer and finds his life curiously entwined with one of the writer's students, a fiery young girl.

Two people die of drug overdose and flu and never meet each other, never get married, and never live their seedy, disappointing lives.

Cinnamon Jones, an old woman hiding out from the post-Water War high tech capitalist environment, is visited by old lovers in disguise.

A grandmother takes care of her granddaughter Lisa for the summer while her son, Lisa's father, is in the hospital on life support. On the last day of her son's life, the grandmother distracts Lisa by taking her to a 4th of July block party.

One Mother's Day, two old women reflect on their relationships with their children--present and absent--and with the same adulterous man. When their paths cross at a crucial moment, one woman's refusal to accept the help of her husband's secret lover leads to her death.

A married geneticist and pediatrician live across the world from each other. Their daughter watches her father's affair with a woman only seven years her elder in Oxford.

An elderly woman in a suburban town visits an old neighbor at a nursing home. What could have been a cordial, quiet day becomes tainted with the subtle melancholia of growing old and seeing the world change irreparably around oneself.

Shorty after WWII, a young girl and her mother are forced to move into her grandmother's mysterious and bleak house after her beloved father dies from a heart attack.

As a man lays dying, his mistress, wife, and son must navigate their strange circumstances as well as the man's will.

On his sixty-sixth birthday, a cranky hypochondriac widower orders a pizza to his Florida condo. Instead, he gets a prostitute — and a heart attack.