Short stories published in 1983

Listing 25 stories.

A father living alone at a horse stable in Massachusetts must reckon with his devotion to Catholicism when his only daughter is the driver in a hit and run.

While conducting research in the remote country of Keteng, a Stanford grad student hears that another American has entered the country and is challenging the power structures in place.

On her way home from a golf course, a young girl picks up coins unknowingly dropped by a golfer. She is caught by a group of older, leering caddy men, who taunt her and grab at her.

A nanny is dismissed from her post after her employer discovers incriminating correspondences from an ex-lover in Saudi Arabia.

After watching his mother lose both of her past lovers to suicide, a young boy wonders what will become of his mother's new marriage to a rich man named Gent.

An elderly academic with an anxious wife is enlivened by a trip to New York, where he has an unlikely series of encounters with the peculiar woman who sat beside him on the plane.

Three generations of men grapple with the effects of unemployment and lost hope over Thanksgiving.

Volatile housewife Angelina wavers from incident to incident in her personal life, culminating in a suicide attempt. After suffering a tumble down the church steps, a falling out with her husband, and the death of her beloved dog, volatile housewife Angelina attempts suicide.

While enjoying his time in Sri Lanka, a man invites his parents for a visit, and what should be a perfect vacation suddenly devolves into a chance encounter with a murder scene.

A man is trapped in a marriage. The death of his wife, a once beautiful but oblivious French socialite, is his only escape.