Short stories published in Black Warrior Review

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A father living alone at a horse stable in Massachusetts must reckon with his devotion to Catholicism when his only daughter is the driver in a hit and run.

When a human couple loses their half-human, half-centaur child, the father must put aside his pain and mother her fear in order to bring the child back to safety.

When an American monk's visa renewal is rejected, he is sent to stay with a woman in Thailand. Before long, as the monk and his hostess grow closer, they each must decide between love and piety, while avoiding the woman's aggressive uncle, who may be a threat to their safety as well as their happiness.

A young woman hired as a housemaid on a Texas farm has a two-year affair with the farmer. When the farmer's wife dies, the housemaid is sent away, pregnant and alone, and hopes to reconnect with the farmer again, if only to forgive him.