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A father living alone at a horse stable in Massachusetts must reckon with his devotion to Catholicism when his only daughter is the driver in a hit and run.

A composer returns to his hometown on the East coast to visit the daughter he hasn't seen in twelve years, trying to amend his absence and find the words to describe the unhappiness he feels, despite his fame and success.

An unhappily married man is on his way to the wedding of a much happier couple. He no longer finds his wife attractive because of her weight loss, and thus endeavors into an affair with a larger woman, though she may have ulterior motives that he has not considered.

A boxer arrested for trespassing charges finds himself boxing at the behest of the sheriff, who lets him out for the night to beat down a local, overconfident fighter.

Plagued by an aggressive case of pneumonia and haunted by a dying neighbor, a sanatorium patient is advised to have his ribs resectioned, thus sending him into a panicked reflection on the inevitability of death.

A man in a failing marriage embarks on yet another love affair with a married woman, teaching him about his own sexual escapist tendencies.

When an earless woman fails to show up at the train station on Walter Mason’s regular 5:22 p.m. commute from MIT to his home in rural Massachusetts, Mason begins to question the routines that dictate his life.

A group of patriarchal intellectuals entertain themselves by exploring the politics of World War II-era United States, meanwhile controlling and abusing the women in their lives.

A three-years-married couple have lost the spark that once excited them, leading the wife to venture into tentative love affairs.