Short stories tagged with Gender Roles

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The males of a family and their neighbor set off to a nearby mountain during winter to retrieve a CAT rig in order to maintain their lumber business, but are forced to contest with extraordinary natural forces as they do so.

A father living alone at a horse stable in Massachusetts must reckon with his devotion to Catholicism when his only daughter is the driver in a hit and run.

A Japanese woman who has begun to forget her name, frantically seeks the help of an eccentric clinician who eventually claims to know what happened to her name.

In the near future, a 33-year-old American woman infiltrates a terrorist network in the Mediterranean. Posing as harmless arm candy, she uses her cyborg implants to procure classified information, all the while struggling to evade suspicion.

A young woman is returning to her husband and parents in New York, after having left her husband for a brief affair. As her father drives her home and reminisces on the hard work it took to build a life at their farmhouse, she learns that he hasn't told anyone else she's coming home.

A single mother living in the Bay Area is attempting to successfully raise three children, but finds trouble optimizing both their freedom and their safety.

Through a series of letters in her notebook, an adolescent girl documents her bizarre and often uncomfortable experience at "wife camp," and explores patriarchal gender norms and marital expectations.

In 1960s America, a woman marries a selfish man who eventually accuses her of causing his mental illness and abandons her. She then begins to live her life sexually freed and embark on friendships and affairs centered around her own desires.

Following the death of her father, a prominent country doctor, a young girl must navigate both her dream of being a music teacher and her position as the eldest child in the family.

On a doe hunting trip with her father and two other men in a forest in the Northern US, a nine-year-old girl reckons with her gender identity.