Short stories tagged with Sensitive Content

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A man in suburbia finds his neighbor nearly naked standing outside his kids' rooms. He begins to retaliate to prevent it from ever happening again.

A Japanese woman who has begun to forget her name, frantically seeks the help of an eccentric clinician who eventually claims to know what happened to her name.

A man working at a communications community wants a new job. His coworker promises him one, so long as the man helps to hide human body parts.

The life of a young Japanese man becomes intimately intertwined with his deceased best-friend's girlfriend, as they each navigate the past in search of lost time.

A Japanese man has to borrow his unpopular friend's unused funeral suit as five of his young friends suddenly die over the course of a year.

On a close-knit street, two women commit suicide a week apart from each other. When an ambulance arrives, the adults with a hushed-silence, and the kids joke about dead bodies to torment a local woman.

A young Korean girl sees her family's pain and suffering after her father's bad business deal loses them their house, and takes it upon herself to remove the burden of her and her younger sisters on her family's finances.

A progressive and bitter father going through a mid-life crisis goes on holiday to a water park with his wife and excitable son. He casually confronts racist and irritable guests while trying to figure out how to be a good dad.