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A man in suburbia finds his neighbor nearly naked standing outside his kids' rooms. He begins to retaliate to prevent it from ever happening again.

Al Roosten, a local business owner always second-best to his competitor, Larry Donfrey, contemplates returning to an anti-drug charity event to ensure that Donfrey is able to help his disabled daughter.

Dermot, a being with an insatiable hunger but a controlled demeanor, works with police to find and kill predators, like himself, who are ravaging the city.

Marty, a freelance artist and self-proclaimed pretend Jew, has a religious realization as he acts as the shomer for his dead uncle in an off-beat funeral home.

A loveless, disturbed man with a hand fetish seeks out the perfect pair of hands and eventually finds himself drawn to a medical illustrator.

As he witnesses his neighbor being kidnapped, Kyle must make a choice to either defy his strict, overbearing parents or remain silent.