Short stories published in 1959

Listing 26 stories.

A composer returns to his hometown on the East coast to visit the daughter he hasn't seen in twelve years, trying to amend his absence and find the words to describe the unhappiness he feels, despite his fame and success.

When a man known as the Unmarried Mother enters a bar in 1970s New York, he gets roped into a time travel quest bent on recovering his long-lost child and finding his old lover.

A show arrives in a small town, promising the performance of a lifetime, in which a small, mute woman will dive into a shallow pool surrounded by flames from a diving board that reaches the sky.

A father-son duo of physicists set out to explore the mysteries of time travel, but when they manage to bring something back from the prehistoric past, they find that their discovery is far beyond what they expected.

A wealthy American divorcée who lives in Paris struggles to maintain her social graces when her adult daughter’s mental health dramatically declines and her marriage deteriorates.

An Italian-American family begins to crumble apart after experiencing several tragic accidents, but the father tries desperately to stay strong and remains optimistic that everyone will one day be together again.

A WWII army officer begrudgingly sticks his neck out for his fellow Jewish trainees' right to go to shul, which opens him up to manipulations from a trainee who tries to control his fate in the army and avoid deployment in the violent Pacific theater.

A woman who cares for her ill mother falls in love with a successful man from her hometown, but cannot marry him until her mother’s death.

An injured city cowboy rolls into his New Mexican hometown, where his old neighbors pressure him into performing in an impromptu rodeo show. The event takes a dangerous turn when a young Native American boy can’t contain his curiosity.

After a man's wife dies he goes on a spiritual journey to find happiness after experiencing such loss.