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In a futuristic world where hardly a trace of natural life exists untouched by human interference, a Citizen makes an unprecedented choice that brings a slew of notoriety and ethical questions.

A veterinarian uncovers the ugly truth about her employer, and the lines between man, woman, and beast blur as blood spills.

A wealthy American divorcée who lives in Paris struggles to maintain her social graces when her adult daughter’s mental health dramatically declines and her marriage deteriorates.

A lesbian couple moves from America to Malacca, Malaysia, where they find jobs as schoolteachers and their relationship slowly unravels.

A woman decides to invite Death to her party, but is surprised by Death's request of her.

A young, hungry girl disobeys the rules of her village and fails to provide "La Caridad," a monster who takes the form of an old lady, the proper offering of food one day. That night, the ten-year-old faces the terrible consequences of her actions.

After her father's mysterious death, a young girl relies on ancestral spirits and cultural dances to save her from her step-mother's attempts to mutilate her (FGM).

An envoy for an interplanetary agency is sent to a kingdom in which women have few rights and slavery is commonplace.

A young boy uses his mystical but threatening power for good when the girl next door needs his help.

An exhausted husband and wife travel by foot and stop by a house to ask a woman for food. She is rude and only allows the wife to eat, but the wife saves some food for her husband so they can continue their long journey.