Short stories tagged with Spirits

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A teenage girl’s life changes in the course of one night when she meets her attractive vampire protector and is charged with saving the world.

A young girl inherits the family ability to interpret people’s dreams, but unwilling to take it over she never learns from the people who came before her, leading to a series of misfortunes.

When a group of friends at a dinner party decide to try communicating with spirits, they accidentally learn a dark secret about a long-dead brother.

A woman descending Mount Everest watches as her fellow climbers begin to die around her and she wonders why she climbs the mountain in the first place.

After her father's mysterious death, a young girl relies on ancestral spirits and cultural dances to save her from her step-mother's attempts to mutilate her (FGM).

A man’s game with his son turns into something more sinister when he finds out that his son is seeing things that he isn’t.

The crew aboard a freight ship are gruesomely murdered in a sacrificial and ritualistic manner.

A man, who gives his wife space by revisiting the seaside bed and breakfast from his childhood, becomes part of a murder investigation and is intrigued by a mysterious woman.

A girl is taken by the spirited of death, Letty, but not before she hears the horrific story of Letty's death at the hands of a white man.

After briefly meeting a mysterious little girl at a movie theater, a middle-aged New York City widow finds herself haunted by an inexplicable spirit.