Short stories published in 1921

Listing 25 stories.

A young British soldier returns to his home in Westminster after the war, only to find that both he and the city have been impacted by the cruelness of the war.

When a group of friends at a dinner party decide to try communicating with spirits, they accidentally learn a dark secret about a long-dead brother.

As she wanders in and out of forests to escape her past and the boy she feels guilty for wanting, a woman gives birth to and abandons a child she thinks of as the physical embodiment of her sin.

An African man arguing for his ancient grandfather’s passage to Mecca tells the story of his enslavement and separation from his brother during the American Civil War.

A research psychologist visits a peculiar asylum patient who recounts his life story. The patient warns the researcher about how obsession with the pursuit of knowledge can make one lose sight of their humanity until it is unsalvageable.

A married couple clashes over the husband’s unwillingness to work. Laziness and enterprise produce a surprising invention.

A young man tries to impress a girl by lying about who he is and pretending to be wealthy.

A country girl goes to the city to find work. However, the work is not what she expected.

A man's lonely life focused on the pursuit of reason and music leaves him questioning what more there may be in the lives of other people and of religion.

A hardworking middle-manager of the nineteenth century railroad trade helps his boss seek revenge against their old company after the two are fired. While his coworkers question his unconventional management choices, he proves himself to be a skilled leader.