Short stories published in The Pictorial Review

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A weathered housewife finds her only purpose in caring for her mentally ill son whom she protects from her abusive husband. When police come around investigating a murder, she fears her husband may be responsible.

Even as he roams as a ghost, a former slave owner rejects the reality of his afterlife, but cannot hide his immense gratitude for his fiercely loyal servant, Sam, who is also undead.

An embittered Janet is haunted by the ghost of an ever present airplane, believing the pilot to be her forsaken lover, Jerry.

When a seamstress marries for practicality, she finds herself devoid of the love she dreamed of and taking care of an old woman with a penchant for breaking china.

As a man teaches his son to play the fiddle, a longtime feud comes back to haunt him.

An African man arguing for his ancient grandfather’s passage to Mecca tells the story of his enslavement and separation from his brother during the American Civil War.

A father who watches his Portuguese neighbors become blessed by material gifts after the death of their father contemplates his own uselessness and begins to believe that his family would be better off without him.

When her father gives her a dreadfully plain hat, a young girl hatches a plan to get rid of it.

A married couple clashes over the husband’s unwillingness to work. Laziness and enterprise produce a surprising invention.

A woman's husband and daughters work on dividing up her valuables between themselves and one of the woman's friends after her death.