Short stories published in 1935

Listing 32 stories.

A girl raised on a farm by a strict Christian mother decides to indulge in her curiously and approaches a young farmhand, despite her mother's warnings that all men are sinful.

A writer struggles to craft a story and begins to lose his own sanity when an idea finally comes to him.

A young couple helplessly in love spend their last night together at a park before they begin college at different schools.

Though plagued by her economic circumstances, a pregnant former circus performer finds life blooming all around her when she forms a special connection with her boarding house’s pear tree.

The prideful uncle of a child piano prodigy pushes the girl to the detriment of her craft. A veteran musician warns him of the future that lies ahead.

After closing a business deal for his beloved empire in New York, a young Italian imperialist seeks out his supposedly successful brother in the desert, but finds him emotionally and mentally devastated by the unforgiving American landscape.

A jobless father attempts his best to care for his family, but when he begins to take his young son to play games and music at pubs, the son develops a destructive habit.

When her father gives her a dreadfully plain hat, a young girl hatches a plan to get rid of it.

A bank teller will do anything to get promoted, but management changes and the Great Depression thwart him at every turn.

When a melancholic blues singer gets his big break, he discovers that his success as a musician is mutually exclusive with his happiness as a human being.