Short stories tagged with Period Drama

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Two regulars at the Del Norte golf course find refuge from their messy divorces in one another.

In the post-WW1 streets of Paris, a jilted lover tries to get revenge, thwarted at every turn by two bumbling Americans.

When a seamstress marries for practicality, she finds herself devoid of the love she dreamed of and taking care of an old woman with a penchant for breaking china.

An unemployed man struggles to help an equally penniless, yet shockingly beautiful, young woman in her search for food and shelter.

Two men suffering from the same neurological disorder must try to save one other from the disease in different ways.

A young boy vows to do anything he must to stop his father from slaughtering his best friend, their pig.

A gypsy and his bear visit the same town every year to speak with a young woman fascinated by stories of the wide world; with the appearance of her husband, however, the evening turns violent.

A bank teller will do anything to get promoted, but management changes and the Great Depression thwart him at every turn.

When a night load dispatcher's son commits murder, he must choose whether or not to save his boy from the electric chair - at a terrible cost.

A man must save his best friend - or at least hear his story - after he's sentenced to death for double homicide.