Short stories published in 1930

Listing 23 stories.

Two American friends escape their vacation in Paris to the French countryside, enjoying a day of fresh air until a Russian waiter and an Austrian remind them of the horrors of war.

A police luncheon is attended by a bum criminal who claims to be an ex-member of the rotary club. Though no one believes him, they allow him to attend and find themselves engrossed in a religiously charged political stunt.

An expatriate and veteran of the Jazz Age tries to regain custody of his daughter, but the ghosts of his darkly opulent lifestyle stand in the way.

An unemployed man struggles to help an equally penniless, yet shockingly beautiful, young woman in her search for food and shelter.

In Chicago in the 1920s, a young gangster gets a windfall of cash and aims to spend it on his girlfriend and himself before his luck runs out.

As a man teaches his son to play the fiddle, a longtime feud comes back to haunt him.

Fifteen members of the United States Marines tell stories about their time serving in Europe during World War I.

On the train ride to their honeymoon, young newlyweds bicker over inconsequential issues that appear as though will never be resolved.

A father has failed his son and daughter multiple times. However, on his death bed, the father is determined to have her daughter be married, despite the daughter's fiancé continually postponing the wedding.

Despite her friction with other teachers, a young student shows exceptional talent in the writing field and is encouraged by her favorite teacher to continue to kindle that passion and become a writer someday.