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An injured city cowboy rolls into his New Mexican hometown, where his old neighbors pressure him into performing in an impromptu rodeo show. The event takes a dangerous turn when a young Native American boy can’t contain his curiosity.

Alyse, a part-time writer, is unable to excavate any interest from her seemingly boring family, utterly unaware of the deeply complex and exciting adventures her brother, sister, and aunt often have

Despite her friction with other teachers, a young student shows exceptional talent in the writing field and is encouraged by her favorite teacher to continue to kindle that passion and become a writer someday.

When a guitar-wielding teenage girl moves into the house next door, a boy suddenly finds his world of stellar debate performance and strict Nigerian parentage at odds with his newfound love of heavy metal.

A poor but noble-blooded Chinese man seeks glory by inadvertently joining the English war effort in WWI. He works as a trench-digger, but his ambition leads him to take up arms during a battle, inspiring his fellow trench-diggers to fight with him.

A man walks with a writer around London who tells him about the novel he wrote that was lost which can never be matched in beauty by any other.

When the California Santa Ana winds blow down from the desert and through the windows of a lonely young woman’s house, she is imbued with the inspiration to embrace an unexpected encounter.

A writer dying of gangrene in the African savannah reflects on his past experiences and the stories he will never write as he converses with his wife.