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When a prideful ten-year-old boy visits the ski slopes with his mother and brother, who has cancer, he gets himself into trouble after going off on his own and ignoring his family’s warnings.

When an old nurse and two children go out for a perfect afternoon walk, they are distraught to return home and find that something is out of place.

After nearly breaking up with her boyfriend, a young woman distracts herself in the company of a charming guest who is seeking respite from his own set of problems.

While visiting Paris for the holiday season, a young girl and her grandfather get homesick for the countryside. At the Christmas market, they finally find something worth coming to the city for.

In the midst of World War II, a mother is forced to chaperone some young girls and witnesses the effect of the war in unexpected places.

A young woman meets a World War II soldier on a train to California and takes pity on the lonely and displaced life he has become indifferent to.

When a teenage girl meets with her father to remind him of his late alimony payments, she feels disappointed by his unhelpful reaction.

When a woman’s husband accepts his army commission for World War II, the woman can only watch with despair as her husband's battalion joins the ranks of those expected to perish in war.

A poor but noble-blooded Chinese man seeks glory by inadvertently joining the English war effort in WWI. He works as a trench-digger, but his ambition leads him to take up arms during a battle, inspiring his fellow trench-diggers to fight with him.

A professor who studies sexual selection tries to justify his own failed marriage with the flawed mating selection of female fruit flies.