Short stories tagged with Women S Issues

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In contemporary Denver, a young, married Latina woman wants to terminate her pregnancy and turns to her ex-boyfriend for help.

A veterinarian uncovers the ugly truth about her employer, and the lines between man, woman, and beast blur as blood spills.

After nearly breaking up with her boyfriend, a young woman distracts herself in the company of a charming guest who is seeking respite from his own set of problems.

Consumed in a disturbing relationship with an older woman, a girl from Ohio slips through the impoverished side of New York City in search of an experience that she thinks will make her a woman in what she knows is a man’s world.

When a Black teenage girl is groped at a club, she quickly realizes that everyone will place the blame on her. She thinks back to an old friend who was cornered in a similar situation and abandoned by everyone else.

A married couple clashes over the husband’s unwillingness to work. Laziness and enterprise produce a surprising invention.

A young boy uses his mystical but threatening power for good when the girl next door needs his help.

A devoted brother-turned-drug-dealer and a starry-eyed prostitute fall victim to circumstance as they try to achieve their goals. When they cross paths, the fateful encounter frees them from their tormentors.

A young cosmetologist in 1920s New York City trades gossip with posh clientele, which leads to a heartrending encounter involving a former friend.

A young college student makes a devastating choice after she is sexually assaulted.