Short stories published in Tough

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After a wedding in Ohio, a famous musician accidentally gets mixed up in a murder at the hotel.

A hired thug and private eye meets his match in a young woman pretending to be a victim in need of saving. He realizes too late she's far more dangerous than the man she asks him to find.

A devoted brother-turned-drug-dealer and a starry-eyed prostitute fall victim to circumstance as they try to achieve their goals. When they cross paths, the fateful encounter frees them from their tormentors.

Two brothers living in a small American town plot to overthrow their father and stop him from using dark magic to repeatedly bring people back to life. Though they are eventually successful, one son's power surprises them when it is stronger than either of the boys anticipated.

A young woman inherits her deceased uncle’s antique shop. Through suspicious encounters with customers, she uncovers the twisted truth about the family business.