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An African-American doctor has successfully developed a new technology to cure several diseases and cancers, but in the face of a recent health crisis, others are finding more risky solutions that put the doctor and entire racial groups in grave danger. When the doctor is soon attacked and abducted, a stranger embarks on a dangerous mission to save her.

A weary medical officer struggles to keep watch during the night shift in a naval prison hospital, even as the prisoners begin to cause trouble.

In a mythological kingdom, a woman is forced to marry the greedy king, causing the separation and imprisonment of her and her children and forcing the family to escape and reunite.

Prison inmates are told that they're being sent to scope out a new Earth for mankind to move to, but when they "come back" they find out they have just been play-testing a new virtual reality video game. Prison inmates are used to test a new video game which would have them inhabit a virtually real new planet, but they believe they are truly being sent to another solar system. When they realize that they've just been playing a game, there are long-term psychological impacts.

After a revolution, disabled peoples have been captured and banished to a new planet. When they receive a message from Earth, the exiled peoples believe they are in great danger and must decide whether to stay in the society they have established or journey to the other side of the planet to escape.

After a wedding in Ohio, a famous musician accidentally gets mixed up in a murder at the hotel.

A thirteen-year-old boy disappears into the woods after his birthday party.

Two men on opposites sides of a civil war wonder what they are fighting for as the flames of destruction spread across the country and alien forces are exposed.

A college girl makes a horrible mistake when she challenges the wealthy boy who pays her to write papers.